At least my life had meaning. There's more to life than living.

I'm Shelby. I kinda like music,. This is me I have no life, so see me here, and talk to me about nonsense and be mean to me there. Bye babes.

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Joan Rivers was not a kind person. She tore people apart and called it comedy. She wished death upon others, made fun of women who were abused, and made offensive punchlines out of everyone in the media.

I would never say I am glad someone is dead. But I’m also not gonna pretend that she was a good person just because she’s gone. 

fuck the media for glorifying this

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All I ever want is to sit around downtown and watch the sunset.

La Dispute @ Paris 13.05.2014 (von CSAOH)

Cruel Hand at TIHC 2014.

This girl kills me. Alee Rose


I’m so miserable and tired and I’m honestly ready to give up on everything and the only thing keeping me going is fear and that’s not ok.

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sometimes I forget that Americans have to pay for university upfront like what the fuck is that are u guys ok


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